Day 6 – The Day The Marta Never Came

22 Jul

Yes, the sole purpose of taking the Marta was supposed to be for work. But this weekend I managed to convince my roommate to go to Midtown for dinner and late-night festivities because… well… you can get to Midtown by taking the Marta. And why not have another adventure to blog about on the weekend? That was my literal thinking behind going to Midtown. It’s sad.

So we went to the Marta stop and waited for the train. Shortly after, one drove by. AND IT DIDN’T STOP. Wait..what? I was so shocked, confused and taken aback. Why did it not stop? Why did it not want to take me to my final destination? And most importantly, what about all the people on that train who expected to get off at Lenox? What would they have done (besides have an awesome blog post about it)? I felt so abandoned, like I would never make it to Tin Lizzy’s or experience Midtown.

But about 15 minutes later another train came and we got on and made it safely to Midtown.

Whilst in Midtown, a place full of nightclubs, lounges, covers, guidos (as my Florida roommate pointed out) and friendly homeless men offering to be our bodyguard, roommate, friends and I went to an “Irish pub” called Ri Ra. I should have first known that no Irish pub ever would have been called Ri Ra. That sounds Japanese or like some sort of babytalk. The only thing Irish about this place was that they sold Guinness, which is awesome, but I have this thing where I’ve only had Guinness in Ireland so I didn’t even get to enjoy that Irish part of it. Regardless, we were ready to go home pretty soon and decided to take the trusty Marta.

At about 1:25 a.m. we get to the station. Plenty of time, the train stops running at 2 a.m. Soon enough we hear the train come…. AND IT DOESN’T STOP. Everyone in the station kind of looks around at each other thinking, Hmm… that’s odd… I wonder why beloved Marta didn’t want to stop for me? Again I think of the poor souls on the train who expected to get off at the Midtown station. Then, 20 minutes later, another train drives by AND DOESN’T STOP. Like it doesn’t even care. So now Marta station mates and I are thinking WHAT THE HELL is going on?? Are the brakes not working? Is the train headed for a doom at the end of the tracks? Has some deranged train conductor decided to kidnap the riders and never pick anyone else up? What is going on?!

The time now is right before 2 a.m. and we fear we have lost all hope of Marta-ing home safely. We climb up the stairs (the station is underground) and see a police officer and ask him what’s going on. He seems to have no answers and just says, “We’re working on it.” Then I hear him say that they’re planning on getting a bus to come pick us all up to take us to each station. Now I was completely fine with that but some people we were with did not want to take a bus and said getting a taxi would be easier. So we decide to exit the station (and thus reneging our pass for that trip) and suddenly WE HEAR ANOTHER TRAIN. The police officer saw us just leave and he runs and opens the gate for us, we run back down the stairs just to see… wait for it… THAT THE TRAIN HAS SPED BY AGAIN.

Confused, lost, belittled, we leave the Marta station again. It only took about THIRTY MINUTES to find a taxi, and the fare home was far more than a Marta ride.

So here I am, betrayed and confused. Why did the Marta leave me four times in one round trip? Was I not good enough for it anymore? Did it feel betrayed by me calling it the red-headed step daughter of the mass transit world? Well hear me now, Marta, I apologize for that. Please don’t leave me again. I’m sorry. But I swear to god you leave me when I’m trying to get to work I will never love you again.



4 Responses to “Day 6 – The Day The Marta Never Came”

  1. May July 22, 2012 at 11:56 pm #

    All I have to say is: you had it coming when you belittled red-heads. Everyone knows we are God’s fave people.

    • gabrielle July 23, 2012 at 12:11 am #

      Hahaha!!!! Seriously. That was my first mistake. But you know I love your red curly hair. 🙂

  2. Mollzz July 23, 2012 at 3:33 am #

    I can hear you yelling through my computer screen in your excited-gabrielle-but-still-laughing-with-a-crinkled-nose-while-talking sort of way with those all caps. I also secretly imagine you acting out each and every post as I read them, similar to your gabrielle-is-running-very-quickly-with-only-her-hands kind of motions. Tehehe ❤ you, miss you!

    • gabrielle July 23, 2012 at 3:36 am #

      And I was running, and I was running..!! Hehehe love you miss you too 🙂

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