Day 8 – The Real Reason

23 Jul

There was no Marta riding on Day 7, so no post. Sorry ’bout it.

Today was the first day I almost missed the Marta. Running down an escalator just to reach the doors before it closes is quite thrilling (and also eerily like Sliding Doors, I wonder how my life would have changed?)! If you are wondering what this Sliding Doors reference is you need to watch the movie ASAP. Gwyneth Paltrow before she was Goop. You think you may know, but you have no idea. It was one of the like 3 DVDs my Dad had at his house (the two others were Forrest Gump and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off… AWESOME SELECTIONS but every now and then I had to switch it up with Sliding Doors) and let’s be real, Dad hadn’t heard all the sick excuses that Mom had so staying home and watching DVDs at his house was way easier (if you’re reading this, sorry Dad).

On the way home I got to walk to the Marta station with another fellow intern which is always nice. She’s a rising senior at Emory and randomly an Econ major doing a PR internship. She’s awesome. Anyway I told her I had a confession and I had not yet blogged about the real reason I was taking the Marta. So I thought I’d share it with all of you. But I’m sure it won’t be a surprise to any of the readers who know me. Ok, so here it is.


Yep, I said it. And if you ever want to get in the car with me again I would suggest not reading further. Some examples… I didn’t get an oil change for nearly three years because I didn’t know those existed. After getting my first ticket when I was 16 for going 60 in a 35 I learned in Driving School that windshield wipers come off. I once got in two accidents, totaling in four broken/totaled cars, in 2.5 days. I have gotten into like three other fender benders. I’ve never been able to talk my way out of a ticket. However, once I got pulled over without proof of insurance or a license and didn’t get cited for either of those, so I guess that’s lucky. On that note, I drove for 7 months without a license (it wasn’t invalid, I just didn’t have one with me…tee hee). For the last three years I have had minimal car insurance. Is that a laundry list enough for you to reason for me not driving through Atlanta traffic to go to work?

Now that I’m taking the Marta I hope it will deter me from getting in any more accidents or tickets. Y’all don’t even understand how worried I am something will happen on the .6 mile drive to the station parking lot. Like panicky. Like enough maybe to cause a car accident.

So now, readers, I hope you feel closer to me with that confession. And I hope you feel safer, Atlanta driver readers, that I am not on the roads. Win-win.

Now that I’ve told you all of that, could you believe I safely drove across the country three times? Yeah, neither can I.


PS – I just saw my work building on TV. Atlanta is so cool.


One Response to “Day 8 – The Real Reason”

  1. Teeny July 24, 2012 at 5:47 am #

    Haha. Dad also had Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. =)

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