Day 15 – I didn’t take the Marta

30 Jul

I took the Marta on Friday, nothing happened and no post.

But today I didn’t take the Marta. It was kind of nice to have control and drive my car, but I definitely had a few close calls but I made it in one piece. I’m taking my brand new MacBook Air on the Marta tomorrow so that will be interesting. I once heard joke, “Want an adrenaline rush? Cash your paycheck and then take the Marta.” I guess I’ll find out tomorrow! This post isn’t very interested.

On another note I started training for a half marathon today. So, yeah, that’s news. Never run more than 2 miles at one time before. So I guess maybe I’ll post a little about that on here too.

OK give me a break on this boring post, it’s Monday. More news tomorrow as Atlanta votes to possibly “Untie the Knot” and pass a transportation referendum that is to improve the Marta and other traffic issues in the city.

Here’s a picture my roommate sent me as motivation to begin training for the half today:

I think I’m the blonde. You pick which one.




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