Day 16 – Don’t Tropic Anymore

31 Jul

In PR terms, I had a “Tropic Like It’s Hot – Part 2” post “in the hopper” for a day when nothing else happened. Today is the day I am going to share with you the second set of lovely, hilarious and Atlanta-appropriate Tropicana ads throughout Five Points station.

I’m doing this today not because nothing of interest happened (OK, well nothing of interest happened) but also because THE ADS IN FIVE POINTS CHANGED. I don’t know how often this happens, but I am very sad about it. The Tropicana ads made me smile each morning and ready to take on the day. Not any more. Granted, the ads never quite got me to buy a Tropicana… Needless to say, I’m glad I took these pictures before they changed it to Discover ads. I guess it’s appropriate that the red-headed step daughter of the credit card world find it’s home in the red-headed step daughter of the mass transit world. I digress…

I hope you enjoyed that. The Discover ads are not nearly as cute/quirky/perfectly Atlantan. May we all hope for the day when the Tropicana ads return.



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