Day 23 – Home-less

7 Aug

Sorry for my lack of posts during the last week. Nothing happened, so don’t worry.

Actually one time I did see a really thug guy with a doublewide stroller with the CUTEST little girls inside, so that was unexpected.

But today something did happen which takes me back to the reality of Atlanta. Well, every day takes me back to that reality. I walk to and from the station, a distance of maybe four blocks, and see a dozen homeless people. It literally hurts my heart to see that pain. I can just picture myself; different clothes, different shoes, different jewelry, to and from by and by these people each day. Fully fed, freshly showered, walking to and from an employed job. I don’t always have change or food on me, so I walk by them and pretend I don’t hear what they say. And it’s so painful. But if it’s painful for me, I can’t imagine what it is for them.

So THEN when things like today happen, I get so excited. At a goodbye-drinks-thing after work today, there was a bunch of extra food and I happily put it in boxes to pass around as I made the walk back to the Marta station.

On my way, a man stops me and asks, “can you help me get some food?” Well isn’t that just find dandy and perfect. I got myself three little boxes full of food! “Here you go!” I happily respond. Two boxes left. As I see the next person I think might need some food I think What if I offer some food to someone who’s not homeless? Oh well… Then I see a man lying on a bench with his hand held out. I ask him if he’d like some food and the joy in his eyes was amazing. I felt so wonderful.

I didn’t see a third person to give my third box to before I got to the Marta station. Not thinking I would see anyone inside, I cross the street to a woman sitting on the ground, reading a book and give her the food and walk right back across the street toward to station.

Feeling happy with myself and the not-wasted food, I joyfully walk down the stairs into the Marta station. Before I could even use my pass to get through the gates, I see a woman without one of her feet in a wheelchair searching through the trash can for food. And there I stood, empty handed.

I guess you can’t help everyone.



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