Going Through the Motions

10 Sep

Get up. Shower. Make-up. Clothes. Hair. Brush teeth. Feed Pluto. Get into car. Drive to Marta. Walk to the station. Swipe pass. Get on train. Get off train. Swipe pass. Walk to building. Go up 29 floors. Work. Go down 29 floors. Walk to station. Swipe pass. Get on train. Get off train. Walk to car. Drive home.

That’s my daily routine. Sunrise to sunset, I can say I pretty much do the same things in the same order. You might say I just go through the motions. Day by day.

I see other people at the station going through the motions. I see the same people, wearing the same outfits, getting on and off at the same stops, oftentimes in the same cart of the same train.

Marta comes. Marta leaves. North. South. East. West.

Walk in. Find a seat. Don’t make eye contact. Walk out.

The phrase “going through the motions” has been in my mind recently. In fact, quite a few people have used that term in conversations with me meaning very different things. I’ve heard it just last month with the worst news I’ve gotten in years, and the best. “I’m just going through the motions with you, Gabrielle,” they said.

When one phrase can seem so menial, but change your life so much, it’s hard not to think about it. It’s hard not to watch myself going through the motions in life.

So I stopped. I stopped living life like I was going through the motions. Yeah maybe my morning routine and Marta ride will be the same few processes over and over, but overall I’m done going through the motions. I’ve started to live life, say yes to things I’d never imagine and challenge myself to do something new each day.

I’ve never felt so incredibly blessed and alive as I do at this moment in time. I live in a beautiful apartment, have wonderful friends near and far, a supportive family and landed my dream job out of college. And this life is way too beautiful to just spend it going through the motions.

Get up. Smile. Get ready. Sing. Travel to work. Call a best friend. Work hard. Try something new. Take the Marta. Laugh. Get home. Dance. Do something different, every day. These are the motions to go through.



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